Welcome to Connect for Enterprise

Connect for Enterprise is a charitable organisation that is passion about the prevention or relief of poverty

What we are about

We aim to provide or assist in the provision of education, training and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

Our Funders & Sponsors

The aims of the organisation are to:

Develop, support and enhance the entrepreneurial skills of people from marginalised communities, including ethnic minority groups

Support economic inclusion of people from marginalised communities

Empower people by providing opportunities to develop businesses, social enterprises and charitable organisations

Support people by developing local, national and international partnerships and opportunities

Our Team

Tsitsi Chinyandura
Founder & Project Manager

Tsitsi is a community champion, experienced entrepreneur, project manager and business skills trainers who is passionate about capacity building of marginalized communities. She has extensive experience of the following: coaching and mentoring; business planning; training needs analysis; developing and facilitating residential training programmes and evaluating impact of training

Hina Joshi
Business Advisor/Trainer

Hina has over 25 years’ experience, working with a range of businesses across all sectors. She can support entrepreneurs to address all aspects of their business, from strategic business planning, analysis & evaluation, marketing & sales strategy, financial & project management planning and developing your business development plans for growth.

Margaret Ferguson,
Funding and Development Consultant

Margaret has over two decades of experience in successful funding strategy, project planning, bid writing and takes a ‘hands on’ approach. With strong communication skills she produces well researched, succinct and compelling applications, designing promotional materials, news stories and text for websites